Thursday, March 15, 2012

He Likes Me But What About My Feet

Song of the day: Take Me As I Am by Mary J Blige

Okay, so I went out on my first date a few weeks ago after breaking up with my ex-fiance. The guy was kind of cute, but shorter than I normally date, but I'm trying to date out of my comfort zone. His cute smile and baritone voice were instant turn-ons.

Date night came and he passed the list with flying colors (or so I thought):
Dressed nice - check
Smelled good - check
Picked a good movie - check
Treated me to my favorite restaurant - check
Hug at end of the date - check
Phone call once he made it home - check

Conversation leads to him asking me why I wore boots instead of open toes shoes on our date because he wanted to see my feet--pause.

He confessed that he had a foot fetish and loved pretty feet. He wanted me to snap a picture of my feet and text it to him.

Now my feet look okay. They are not crow feet but it made me ask myself, would my feet meet the standard of a dude with a foot fetish? I'm not putting myself through the agony of wondering so I introduced him to the dial tone.

Was I wrong? Maybe. A foot model I'll never be, but my feet look just fine to me.

Confession #18 - Men with fetishes turn me off.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Single Again & Drama Free

I'm back. Single Again. Will be posting more later.

Confession #17 - I'm single again because the guy I was with started lying and his stories just wasn't adding up. I removed myself from the drama.

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