Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let's Talk About Pep Season Finale

About Episode 8 (Season Finale):

Pep decides to take a major step with Tom-is this thing turning serious? Joumana's been disappointed by bad boys, now she's wondering: Has the right good guy been there all along? Markuann tries a change of tactics in pursuit of Kittie-will he find success trading in sexy-funny for lovey-dovey?

My Take:
First things first. I hate the show has come to an end. What's a single girl to do on a Monday night? Hmm. Maybe go out on a date of her own :)

You know I've been cheering for Tom every since they introduced him an one of the episodes. I'm so glad that Tom and Pep took the next step. Ooh, I rhymed. LOL Joumana might not be looking for something serious, but looks like something serious has found her. And what can I say, "Mr. Toe sucker" not only surprised Kittie, with his revelation, he surprised me too. Well, she could do worse. Just make sure her friends keep their shoes on, and she'll be alright. LOL

Overall, I enjoyed watching the whole show. I wasn't aware the show would end so soon. For season 2, if there is a season 2, they should expand it to an entire hour.

Hope you enjoyed my commentaries over the season of the show. I hope this won't be your last time stopping by the site.

So come on, did you see the finale? Let's talk about Pep.


Anonymous said...

I loved it, even though I thought it was too short. I think they should renew the show (which they probably will) and either make the episodes longer or expand the season run.

Shelia said...

Hopefully, they will renew. I think they need at least an hour. By the time you get into the show, it's over.

Suebhoney said...

I thought it was a good show. But I still am unsure what Jackee wants? It seems to me that she wants this 'perfect" man-and I'm sorry he DOES NOT exist! We are not a perfect people and we all have flaws so she really confuses me. Unfortunately I like the guy that Pep had the date with-Tom's okay but I like the other guy more. Kittie-well is just Kittie I don't think she is ready for something serious and should keep looking as should Joumanna I think they should continue to just date. But Joumanna should really give the "bad boys" a rest. She is way too mature for that.

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