Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dating Don'ts

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Dating can be fun and when you meet a person you're really interested in, you really want things to go perfect. Here are a few dating don'ts:

  • Don't talk about your Ex. Unless, the other person asks you about your ex, do not spend the entire date talking about problems you and your ex encountered. I have a friend who will remain anonymous who complained about the guy talking about a woman he once dated that lived in Europe the entire time they sat around the dinner table.
  • Don't do all of the talking. How many times have you been out with someone and they go on and on about themselves and never let you get a word in edge wise. Give the other person time to talk. Listening is just as important as talking.
  • Ladies, don't pay for the first date. I know we're in a new dating age, but if a man is interested in you, he will part with his hard earned money.
  • Don't give it up too soon. I say this because good sex can cloud your judgment. You might think he's the best thing since sliced bread, but he's really not. You're only thinking he is because he knows how to hit your g-spot.
  • Don't start something, you're not willing to put up with later. That means no faking. No pretending like you like something just to get the person and then do a 360 once you're in a relationship. To thine self be true always. Don't settle for something that you know you don't like because if you do, you'll find yourself caught up in a relationship, you really don't want.
What are some of your dating don'ts?

Confession #15: I'm guilty of talking about my last Ex one time too many--which prompted me to write the dating don'ts.


Leah Mullen said...

Don't get carried away by romantic fantasies. Remain realistic.

Shelia said...

I definitely agree with that Leah. Real expectations and not fantasies.

DeBorah said...

Warning Signs he is the Wrong Guy!

If he is over 50 and still lives with his mother -- Leave Him Alone!

If he has numerous children out of wedlock by several different women -- Leave Him Alone!

If he argues with all the people around him, including family, friends and co-workers, plus curses all the time -- Leave Him Alone!

If he wants to live in your apartment/home without the sacrament of marriage. Don't do it. -- Leave Him Alone!!

Oh Yeah.. Forget about the sex until you really get to know this man and what he is about. Make him wait. If he really loves you he will wait until you are ready.

Finally and Most Important
If he does not believe in God -- Leave Him Alone!
This all is funny now, but believe me I have learned my lesson. I've been to the "school of hard knocks" and I don't plan on going back. Sometimes you suffer the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" through your own fault but live and learn.

Shelia said...

Deborah, your list deserves its own post and I'm serious.

The Boyfriend Shopper said...

I'm loving your blog. Great advice.

I'll definitely be following.

Check out mine, I think you'll especially like it:

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The Boyfriend Shopper said...

Haha. Yeah, they always are the common factor in all of their problems. But for some reason, they never stop to think that maybe the problem is them.

I tried to follow your blog, but for some reason, the "follow" bar isnt working for me. So I saved your page on my favorites list in my browser.

Looking forward to reading more from you :)

I'll be on your "following" list as soon as Blogger wants to start working properly, lol.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

These are EXCELLENT points.

Shelia said...

Thanks ladies for stopping by.

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