Monday, January 25, 2010

The interlude after

Song for the day - Let's Talk About Sex - Salt N Pepa

Man Giving His Partner Breakfast in Bed

What happens when sex is just ‘sex’ and the man doesn’t get the hint?

I’m not the type who usually prefers booty calls or a sexual rendezvous but there are times that one may be necessary. Tonight, as I am suffering from acute insomnia, I wrote a piece about a young woman who feels her sex guy isn’t taking her hints about the booty call rules—hit it and quit it. This particular man must be smitten because he is still there. Enjoy

daybreak in transit: The interlude after

by Persia Ellis

His touch is repulsive, now that I have reached my orgasm. Dramatically and intently, my eyelids flutter and flirt with closing artificially and succeed at portraying the yearning of having my own space returned to me. Without him. Here.

The fallacy of sleep should work. Usually, it does so why does he stay?

He is still here.

Our ingenuous love session, so anonymous, spontaneous and lyrical, has expired yet he remains in the presence of what originally made it special. He can ruin its essence—the moment.

That moment before daybreak when our natural melodies intertwined a passionate hymn that morphed into beautiful mutual climaxes. It has made me happy and him, as well.

The clock says 4:38 a.m. Nothing more is needed to be expressed. Why does he feel the need to invade my liberty? My space. My bed.

Just a few sultry moments ago, those same naked toned arms and coy smile were devouring to my own soul.. but Now, they are just.. just sadly, in the way. In my way.

Is he mad? Or maybe he is in love with what he cannot tame.

Maybe my snoring would drive him away. Then, again, I did put it on him.

So, most certainly, he will be here in the morning…

In the kitchen…

Making my breakfast….. lunch….then dinner.

Confession #6 - Just because we let you hit it, doesn't mean we want you to stay.


Dera Williams said...

Poet, lyrical, and some good writing and reasoning. YGG.

Yasmin said...

Gurl you got it going on...I like I like...thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments!!


Kay said...

Persia, thanks for keeping it real.

Deborah said...

Did you watch the latest Pep episode? I think she came on too strong and scared him off but I still want to know what kind of man talks sex to a woman for three years on the phone and never tries to execute. I am confused.

Shelia said...

Deborah, I don't know if you got a chance to read my comments from Monday's show. I was a little late posting :)

Cece Nichole said...

I love it and it's sooo true....just like men don't always want the woman to stay, we don't want them to always stay all the time

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