Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just Fine

Song for the day - Just Fine - Mary J Blige

I had fun this weekend. A few weeks ago, one of my male friends told me I needed to do something just for me. I enjoy hanging out with this male friend because with him, there are no expectations. I'm not trying to impress him or even care if he likes me in that manner. I can be myself and talk to him about anything. Anyway, he's great. He was there to help me through my break-up. He never tried to take advantage of my emotional state during the difficult period; instead he's been the voice of reason.

I should thank him for suggesting I get away for a few days. I used the time to think, cry, laugh and basically regroup. Only one song can sum up how I'm feeling right now and that's Mary J Blige's song "Just Fine."

Confession #4 - You might lose a fight, but you can still win the battle. You can't keep a good woman down.

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