Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Minute Man

Barechested Man Using Measuring Tape
Song for the day - One Minute Man by Missy Elliott

Ladies, have you ever dated a guy and everything was perfect? From outward appearances, he has it going on: tall, dark (or light) and handsome...size 12 shoe, big strong hands...then the moment of truth. The curtain opens. The pants drop. With mouth wide open, you're surprised--not that it's so big but after months of anticipating this special night, the man of your dreams is a member of the "itty bitty teensie weenie committee."

What's a woman to do when faced with this dilemma? Does she act like it doesn't matter? Does she laugh it off so she won't get mad for feeling hoodwinked?

Confession #5 - Size does matter. If you don't have the size, you better know how to work it in other ways.


Persia Ellis said...

Great post. We were discussing this in my other group, as well. Yes, size MATTERS as well as the MOTION of the ocean.

Please know what to do with it as well. There are some 'big boned' brothers who still do not know how to work it. Rent a flick, take a a book. SOMETHING.

Shelia said...


There's no excuse for them not to know---with access to the internet.

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