Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's Talk About Pep Episode 2

About Episode 2: Pep hooks up with Essence Magazine for a night on the town--and a shameless man-hunt. Kittie meets a guy with a very dirty job. Joumana's bad boy friend Corey takes her on a wild date with way more action than she bargained for. Jacque's ex-flame Larry tries to convince her he's finally ready to settle down.

My Take: I want to first start off talking about Joumana. I was shocked that she even agreed to meet up with bad boy Corey. It just goes to show you that every girl wants a bad boy every now and then. I'm surprised he didn't end up in jail. He's fortunate that all he got was a ticket. Corey was a cutie but only good for shot glasses and a good time. He's not the commitment type. Joumana, I hope you learned your lesson and will leave the bad boys to Kittie.

Okay who believes Larry. When Jacque asked him if he would be ready to settle down in 6 months--meaning progress the relationship to the marriage stage, I just knew he was going to back down. I had to raise an eyebrow at his response. I think he doesn't want to let a good woman get away so he'll say anything at this point to get Jacque back. The chemistry is definitely still there between the two but I would proceed with caution if I was Jacque.

Pep was taken out of her element during her and Kittie's "Cutie Run." I understand Pep's hesitation though. Like her, I also prefer to be the prey than the one doing the hunting. After their unsuccessful night at the club, leave it up to Kittie to find the trash, I mean a bad boy. Okay, ladies, do your garbage men dress like the dude on the show? Hey, at least you know the brotha has a job. I'm just saying. Invest in some lysol and well, Kittie girl I'm not mad at you.

What do you think about Pep's closing toast, "open for change but not compromising?"

Okay, let's talk about Pep.

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Deborah said...

I don't believe Larry at all. He is lying through his teeth but most of them do. A man will say anything to get a woman. You have to be so careful. My garbage men don't dress like that. It would be nice if they did. As to the "itty bitty weenie" brigade, you are right. They need to have other stellar qualities to make up for it. Luckily a few of them do realize that and work hard. Wish there were more of those.

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