Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's Talk About Pep Episode 3

About Episode 3:
Pep's date with actor Dennis White is really going somewhere- until Pep is stopped dead in her tracks by the revelation that Dennis is friends with her ex! Kittie comes face to face with a man she's had phone sex with for 3 years-but never met. Jacque hits up speed dating to find a man who wants to get married and have kids asap.

My Take:
Deborah asked in the comments what I thought about the show. I agree with her reference the dude Kittie was with. "I still want to know what kind of man talks sex to a woman for three years on the phone and never tries to execute." You know Kittie wasn't too happy about him turning her down. You already know he's history.

Jacque decided to try speed dating and she met some characters. I've always wanted to try speed dating but now I'm not so sure.

Now on to Pep & Dennis. I think things were going fine between the two. Dennis was really feeling Pep. Pep was really feeling Dennis--well that is until she found out he knew Treach. Dennis planted a big ol' kiss on her too. Like her girls asked her, did he kiss like Treach or was it better? Come on--we like details. I can understand Pep being hesitant though because I don't know if I would want to date one of my exes friends either. Then again--not.

So let's talk about Pep. What's your take on this week's episode.


Kay said...

I think Pep should give Dennis a try. It's not like Dennis is Treach's bestfriend. With them being in the same type of industry, it's inevitable that they know some of the same people. Kittie needs to slow her roll. I'm not sure how the living situation will be with her and Pep. I can say after watching the show that Pep isn't as wild as I thought she would be.

Champain Era said...

Hey Ladies! This is Champain Era (Alan) from the 1/25 date with Kittie on VH1's Let's Talk About Pep. Just wanted to check in and leave my two cents.

I really respect Kittie and it is unfortunate that the TV audience had to see it go down like that. It's just that I believe in self-control. I had no idea that she would come at me like that! No matter how many times we spoke on the phone and over email, it was still our first time seeing each other in person. Additionally, there are too many negative stereotypes that I refused to feed into for all of cable television to see. I know the producers and the network need entertaining content so I let a lot of things go but there was a line that I refused to cross. I read the blogs and I'm on Twitter. It has been crazy to see people say that it's "gay" for a man to refuse sex at any opportunity. We are not animals and we don't have to bite every apple that Eve wants to feed us.

In closing, I love your blog and I thank you for being receptive to my feedback. I should really email you a glass of champagne. BTW, Confession #7 works both ways and can be a beautiful thing between two people in a committed relationship! Stay blessed!


Champain Era


Shelia said...

Champain Era,

Thank you for stopping by and joining in on the conversation and clearing some things up.

With it being your first time actually meeting Kittie, I can understand your hesitation and I'm impressed that you actually had self-control because unfortunately some men wouldn't have--so kudos to you. It says a lot about your character.

Yes #7 can be a beautiful thing in a committed relationship.

P.S. - I'll take that champagne now :)

Deborah said...

Hmmm, interesting but I kinda thought if they had been talking sex all that time that would be the first thing on his mind when they got together. It was obviously the only thing on hers judging by the speed with which she rejected him.I did think he might have been hesitant to do anything in front of the cameras and that she might have been playing up to them. It was a difficult situation but I know men who wouldn't have thought twice so kudos to you Champain Era for wanting to take your time. Thanks for stopping by Shelia.

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