Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's Talk About Pep Episode 1

I will be adding this show to my roster. Of course, I'll be flipping between it and CSI because of the time conflict.

Finally a reality show that I can relate to.

Quick recap of 1st episode--Pep has been celibate and off the date scene for 4 years. She breaks that track record by dating an NFL Hottie and girls he is definitely hot and will make you forget about your drought. After getting past his good looks, he seemed to be a man of substance, but let's keep it real, sexiness just oozed from his pores. The hot tub scene--sizzling. Okay, when his hair caught on fire--he did lose some cool points. I couldn't help but crack up laughing.

Speaking of laughing, the guy Kittie went out with almost made me spill out my drink when he said, "Your toes taste like meatloaf." I was like WTF. LOL

Joumane, who was formerly married to NBA baller Jason Kidd, seems more subdued than the other ladies.

Yes, I was definitely a little jealous of Jacque when I saw who her date was--Lamman. I've had a secret crush on him since I saw him on Living Single back in the 90s. I'm sure he didn't expect the baby conversation though and since I saw scenes from the next episode, I can say that Jacque and Lamman make better friends than lovers so that means he's still on the market---yeah!

If you watched the show, let's talk about Pep.


Kay said...

After watching the show, I'm glad I'm no longer single. I don't envy you single ladies at all.

Victoria Wells said...

I watched the show last night with my huband. We both enjoyed it and will probably continue to watch it throughout the season. I too was crackin' up about the meatloaf reference! As far as Pep being celibate for four years...I'm raising an eyebrow at that one. Jacque is so sweet. The romantic in me wants her to find love and a baby daddy by the end of the season.

Suebhoney said...

I watched the show last night and enjoyed it, so it will be on my "guilty pleasures list" As a 'sister in the struggle' along with the ladies maybe I could learn something. Im not a fan of Kittie (a little too wild for my taste). But if all the ladies find what they are looking for would be great. Although some of th comments I have heard were kinda disparaging saying that now that we have a "Black First Lady" is this the image of us we want on t.v.. The way I see it, we (single ladies) are trying to get the "Michelle Obama" experience, but like they say, "you gotta go through the trash to get to the treasures". I do think it's gonna be a good show.

Anonymous said...

I finally watched the episode. I have always been a fan of Pepa so I know I will be checking it out weekly. She has an eclectic group of diva friends. It will be interesting to see how things turn out.

Shelia said...

Kay--lucky you.

Victoria--lol reference raising an eyebrow. I hope Jacque gets the whole thing too. Just glad Lamman is still on the market (like I really stand a chance...smile)

Suebhoney--I'm glad its on because I think the 4 women on the show represent 4 different type of women--breaking the stereotype the media normally portrays. Kittie--she's a character; but there's always at least one wild one in a group of friends.

Shelia said...

Anonymous, I like it because they remind me of me and some of my friends. I won't say which one closely resembles my personality, but I can say it's not Kittie. LOL

LaShaunda said...

Thanks for posting the video Shelia. I missed it last night. I like the show. I'll check it out.

TheJourney18 said...

Hi Confessions, happy I stumbled across your blog so I can chat with other "Let's Talk" fans. I L-O-V-E this show and it was the right amount of messiness to add to the long list of my TV guilty pleasures.

Since most of the commentary is stating the obvious, I must say that I found the show hilarious because it's SO relatable and sadly reflects the current dating scene.

Can't wait for next week!!

Shelia said...

LaShaunda, I think the entire first episode is on VH1s site, so definitely check it out.

TheJourney18, I'm glad you found the site. It'll be great to discuss the show with other fans of the show. The show was just real and I think that was the appeal to me. I watch some of the other reality shows cut could never relate to any of them.

PatriciaW said...

Cute show. What amazes me is that all these guys don't mind having their business put on front street. But I thought it was cute, and probably realistic for a group of women of a certain social class and age. I like that they were very different yet obviously good friends (unlike those Housewife shows). I'd watch again.

Shelia said...

"I like that they were very different yet obviously good friends (unlike those Housewife show)."

Patricia W, that's what I liked about it. Reminds me so much of my group of friends.

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