Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is your man a freak

Song for the day - Freak Like Me - Adina Howard

I was over on Single Black Male's site today and today's topic was What defines a freak. It got me to thinking about some conversations I've had with friends. Some friends are quick to tell you details about their sexapades but then there are some friends who tend to keep the information under lock and key.

If your man is a freak, should you really disclose this to your girlfriends. If you're a freak, do you really want everyone to know about it? Hmm, just some questions that come to mind.

It's hard to look at a man and tell if he's freaky in the bedroom.

Below is my comment I left on SBM's blog:

You can’t necessarily look at a person and tell they are freak. For example, some men you think might have it going on in the bedroom, don’t. They end up being “one minute” men. I raise my eyebrow a little when a man brags about all of his bedroom skills because 9 times out of 10, he won’t be able to deliver. If you’re a freak, just let that side show when you get intimate with that person. Of course, you should discuss what’s off limits–like anal, but for the most part–don’t brag about your antics.

And if you are a freak in the bedroom, it doesn’t mean you let the freak out for just anybody–at least this chick doesn’t.

Confession #7 - Yes, we want a man that's a little freaky. He should be a professional by day and a freak at night.


Kay said...

Yes my man is a freak but I don't talk about it with my friends. What him and I do behind close doors is our business.

Shelia said...

Kay, I understand that because some women will try to push up on your man.

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