Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let's Talk About Pep Episode 4

About Episode 4:
Pep spends a romantic night in with her new man Tom, a doctor and gourmet chef-will she fall prey to some "Asian persuasion?" Kittie spends another crazy night out with Markuann-but the picture in the A.M. ain't so pretty. A young NFL player is hot-to-trot for Joumana-is she ready to be a cougar?

My Take:
Jacque didn't have any date highlights in this episode. Joumana played the cougar. She had a date with NFL Hottie Brandon. Brandon is only 24 or as he quickly said, soon to be 25. As she was giving her date recap, she kept saying "I know better." I think she was too afraid of what people would think so she could never get past his age. I think what really gave her an eye-opener is when he said, "You still look good." Young men, please, never ever say that to an older woman you're interested in dating. But Joumana, he looked so good so believe me, this cougar here would have understood if you lived on the edge just a little bit.

Kittie went out again with Markuann or as we all know him as Mr. Toe Sucker. Mr. Toe Sucker is still a sucker for toes. I think Kittie realizes she needs more because although she enjoyed his attention at night, during the day time, he left her feeling disappointed. I think once Kittie realizes there's more to a man than his bed action, she'll find the happiness she wants.

Last, but not least is Pep and the good doctor a/k/a Tom. Fellows let me tell you, there's nothing sexier than watching a man cook for you. He did get the raised eyebrow when he brought out the watermelon. I wasn't too sure what that meant but I flipped the chip off my shoulder and like Pep, I overlooked it (for now). He got some more cool points with the Blind Fold game that led to the kiss.

Pep was open-minded and dated outside of her comfort zone. I wonder if I could do the same. Hmm. I don't know. I prefer Black men but who knows, maybe one day. I've been a cougar, so you never know.

Okay peeps, let's talk about Pep. What's your take?


Kay said...

There's nothing wrong with dating out of the box, whether it be age or race. I try to be open minded and before I met my husband, I went out with men of other races.

Anonymous said...

Just a comment, watermelons are routinely served in asian households as an after meal refreshment or just as a plain refreshment. If you've been to a Chinese restaurant with a lot of Chinese, they will routinely bring out at the end of a meal fruit. Depending upon the season and what tastes best, watermelon is sometimes used.

Shelia said...

Anonymous, thank you. I didn't know. I've learned something new and I appreciate you clearing that up.

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