Thursday, February 18, 2010

When the ex still calls

mid adult woman holding a mobile phone Song of the day: When A Woman's Fed Up by R Kelly

I'm not going to front, I'm thrilled that he called. Why? It only validates what I said when we parted--that the grass ain't greener on the other side and he'll be crawling back with his head between his legs begging for my brown sugar.

Honestly, it happened sooner than I expected though. Caught me by surprise; but not so much that I wanted to take his trifling behind back though.He's been trying to get back for at least a month now.

I would be lying if I said, I didn't think about it for a second. Yes, a second, because on the second SECOND, my memory remembered how everything went down. It recalled why he was now an ex.

I'm at peace. I can't go back to what we were. I've changed since we broke up. That woman he knew, will never be again. My love now has conditions.
  • He should have stayed when I gave him unconditional love.
  • He should have thought about the things he's now saying before he became an ex.
  • He should have been thinking about me every day when he was with me.
  • He should have lived the truth instead of telling lies when we were together.
My male friends tell me to not even accept his calls anymore. His calls don't bother me. They bother him. Why? Because I don't ever respond the way he wants me to respond. I never give him the "okay" that he's welcome to be an important part of my life again. It frustrates him and honestly, I find it funny at this point. Call me cruel, but I'm not. Call me being a biatch, but I'm not. I'm just saying. He should have listened to the words of the song, "When a Woman's Fed Up..." because at this point, there's nothing he can do about it. I've moved on. I'm living my life like it's golden.

Confession #13: An ex calling and wanting to get back with me does boost the ego; but it doesn't mean I want to get back with him.


Kay said...

Stop entertaining him--don't answer his calls no more. He thinks he can wear you down.

Mack said...

Taking his calls is only giving him a sense of false hope. I'm curious to know what's said on these calls. Okay, yes, I'm nosy.

Skye Blue said...

I have to agree with Kay and Mack. Not answering his calls will make him realize (real fast) that you aren't coming back. Also the energy (however little it may be) you put into those calls is probably holding you back from something better in your future. You both need to be done with things and as my very wise friend Mich says...

"Sometimes silence is the best closure.'

Shelia said...

Kay, Mack & Sky Blue--you all would be proud of me. I have not been answering any more of his calls.

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