Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's Talk About Pep Episode 7

Jacque Reid is an award presenter at the 4th Annual Black Girls  Rock! Awards, October 17, 2009 NYC. Photo Credit: PR PhotosAlign Left
About Episode 7:
Pep takes some time off from Tom to see if another man can make her sweat. Jacque discovers some disturbing info when she cyber-stalks Joel. Kittie finds that there's only room for one big mouth in her house.

My Take:
I'm glad Jacque asked Joel some probing questions. He tripped me out when he said, "I'll keep it real with you, if you keep it real with me." I think he was on the defensive because he's too busy trying to be a player. I have to admit, I was feeling Joel the first time, but now I don't think he's a good choice for Jacque. He's trying to play games. If you're not doing anything, why does it matter that she's looking at your Facebook page? And dude straight up lied about sending out a tweet on Twitter (see the bonus clip).

I thought it was funny that Jacque set Steve up with Kittie. Their date was hilarious. Steve was outrageous. Kittie definitely met her match in him. I knew it wouldn't work with those two but they were great to watch.

All I can say is Sid is like a box of chocolate--you can't help but want to touch him. I don't blame Pep for reaching out and touching those rippling muscles. I still like Tom, but I can understand Pep. Her and Tom aren't in a committed relationship so she's free to date whoever she wants. Back to that tall walk of temptation--Sid would be hard to resist. He would probably make a great boy toy but I'm still leaning towards Tom.

Do you check the Facebook & Twitter page of those you date? Let's talk about Pep.


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

OK...I love Let's Talk About Pep!! I am addicted to that show. I totaly agreewith your assessment here.

Leah Mullen said...

I thought Joel was the best guy out of the bunch that have been on the show so far. I didn't watch the bonus footage so I didn't realize Joel was lying about the tweet. He seems like a catch...but if he isn't truthful and it's a pattern. Also the facebook thing was a bit immature. Writing things about women on his page is not cool. I still think he seems like a pretty good guy.

Shelia said...

Joel may be nice, but he's shown signs of immaturity and half-truths (i.e. lies). He might be cool to hang out with, but not cool to be in a relationship. He's already starting off lying. If a person lies about little things--can they really be trusted with major things?

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