Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day for the Single Ladies

Bottle of champagne by bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates
Song of the day - Single Ladies by Beyonce

Ladies, if you are single, I hope you're not sitting around feeling depressed because you don't have a special man in your life. Grant it, Valentine's Day is a special day. Even if you are in a relationship, if the guy you're with only does something nice for you ONE day out of an entire year, then something is wrong. He should be treating you nice the entire year. Okay, back to the single ladies.

This Valentine's Day do what you should be doing everyday--love yourself. If you must feel like you're getting something for Valentine's Day, treat yourself to flowers, candy, spa day or whatever else that will make you feel special on February 14th.

My plans for Valentine's Day this year is to go to church, spend time with my family during the day and chill out with myself that night. I don't have any dates plan and if a guy asks me at this late of the week, I will probably turn him down because if he's calling now; that probably means he's also going to be expecting some Valentine's night coochie and that's not going to happen so he should call somebody else.

Going solo this Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a bad thing.

CONFESSION #11 - I love Valentine's Day but if you can only treat me right one day out of the year, you need to keep it moving.


TheJourney18 said...

Good post! I'm going to spend my V's Day with the girls at a local poetry spot, eating quesadillas, and sipping mimosas! Nothing wrong with showing myself some love and being around those that I know appreciate me for me :-)

Kay said...

It's snow here so me and my sweetie will be snuggled up under some blankets and the rest--well use your imagination. LOL

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