Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's Talk About Pep Episode 6

About Episode 6:
It's time for Tom to meet Pep's friends-but how will he react when he gets a load of Kittie? Joumana goes toe-to-toe with a celebrity boxer. Jacque searches for the elusive "Big O." And that ain't Oprah.

My Take:
It was an interesting show last night. I'll start off talking about Jacque and her session. I doubt if I could ever go through with something like that, so I commend her for stepping out of her comfort zone. If you've been reading my commentary then I've mentioned before that out of the four friends, I'm probably more like Jacque. I laughed when the sex guru mentioned disrobing. Jacque practically ran out of there.

Joumana just can't leave those bad boys alone. He was fine but when he had his entourage with him, that's when I would have left him to his two dancers. But she hung in there and all she wanted was a fling anyway. I'm wondering if Joumana will meet the man that will make her want to commit. Remember she said in a previous episode that she purposely date men who she knows she won't commit to.

Now about Ms Kittie. Kittie knows she was wrong for how she acted in front of the Doc. Pep had every right to be upset. Pep, however, knows how Kittie is. Tom gets a few points for not judging Pep based on her friends. I wonder how long things will last with her & the Doc, since the next episode shows a clip with her and this other dude.

Did anybody else see last night's episode? Let's talk about Pep.


Kay said...

When I saw the clip advertising the episode, they made it look like Kittie was actually flirting with Pep's guy. Kittie was just being Kittie so Pep should haven't gotten mad. If she was trying to make a good impression with Tom, she should have chosen Jacque to go out on a double date with.

Deborah said...

I didnt seee this episode yet but I will be sure to come back and comment when I do.

Shelia said...

Kay, I agree. She should have chosen Jacque over Kittie in that incident. Kittie does seem fun to hang out with though; although she can get buck wild.

Deborah, yes, please come back and let me know what you think.

mrtramuel said...

You know I'm on here peeking around. Thanks for being my willing conduit into the world of "She" ... taking notes. LOL! I catch the shows during the day, don't know how far behind I am but it is nice to see your (a woman's) reaction to the show.

Deborah said...

Yep Kittie was just being Kittie. I don't think she knows how to act right or any different. Pep should know that. Plus she was obviously drunk. My favorite line of the night was "Of course she knows him. She googled him". That popped me up when Joumana was swapping spit and getting physical with that guy in the limousine. Is she sleeping with these guys? That episode did look a little intense for somebody who is just playing around. How do you draw a brake right there? Does she?

Shelia said...

MrTramuel, I would love to get your take on the show so don't be shy.

Deborah, I think Joumana slept with this guy but the young one she went out with in a previous episode, she didn't. It does seem like she's going through a mid-life crisis.

Natasha said...

I thought the show was good. But I was shocked when I found out that Jacque has never has an orgasm. I was like wow! And she does not like oral sex. That threw me for a loop. I think that is very interesting.

Shelia said...

Natasha, I was surprised about Jacque's confession too.

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