Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's Talk About Pep Episode 5

About Episode 5:
Pep wasn't so comfy approaching guys in a club. Now she's treated to a party full of dudes all vying for affection-but will she face some unwanted competition? Joumana finds out that bad boys don't change their stripes, and she has to be rescued by Kittie. Jacque goes out with Joel, a seemingly perfect guy with one scary red flag in his past.

My Take:
No date highlight this week for Kittie.

If you watched the show last week, you recall Pep went out with Dr. Tom. Well in this week's episode, she's still going out with Dr. Tom, but she wants to keep her options opened so through a referral, she's uses this dating guru. You would think being the only woman in a sea of men would be heavenly. Hmm. Pep met some weird guys at this match making party. She would have done better trying to find a man on her own.

Joumana seems to love the bad boys. In this episode she's to meet one out. One thing I notice about Joumana, she doesn't let the guy come pick her up; she usually meets them out somewhere. Ladies, for security reasons, I would advise that for any active dater, whether he's a good guy or a bad boy. Anyway, Joumana sits in the restaurant and waits and waits for the guy to show up and he stands her up. She calls Kittie. Kittie cusses the guy out over the phone and they end up going to a club having a good time. Oh we also find out why Joumana picks out bad boys. Since she's not ready to commit to anyone, she purposely goes out with guys she's knows she won't commit to because she wants to play it safe and have no pressure.

Ms Jacque goes out with this guy named Joel. He's a journalist and they seem to have a lot in common. The ladies tease her when they find out one interesting thing about the sexy Joel--especially Joumana--he's a bad boy. Joel explains his story to Jacque and we all find out that he has a record--not music album, jail record. Jacque doesn't hold that against him and has agreed to go out on a second date with him.

Would you date a guy with a prison record? Let's talk about Pep. What's your take?


Deborah said...

I don't know if I would to tell you the truth. But that guy was so good looking I might give him a pass. One more point in his favor is that he was honest with her upfront and he seems truly repentant. Plus he seems really smart. I like intelligence in a man.

Hey did you watch the Reunion show of "For the love of Ray J"? (Yes I know I have no life). That man is such a dog!!
Thanks for stopping by.

Shelia said...

Deborah, I like the fact that he was honest about it, but if in the same situation, I probably would ask more probing questions. Intelligence is sexy.

I don't watch For the love of Ray J. Maybe if I would have started watching it when it first came on, but now, I usually watch CSI Miami and then switch over to Pep.

Deborah said...

Sheila, I certainly hope she asks a lot more questions in the future and watch him around his friends and family. That tells you a lot.

Shelia said...

She needs to bring him around Pep & Kittie.

Oh next week's episode is going to be good. I do have a question: are Pep & Kittie cousins because they look alike?

Deborah said...

I have no idea. You could be right ...

Shelia said...

Deborah, from the clip for next week's episode. It looks like Kittie oversteps the boundary and flirts with Pep's doctor.

Deborah said...

Yep, that's gonna be funny alright LOL But you know Kittie seems so slutty it must be hard to be offended when she does what is in her nature. and if the man falls for it, they deserve each other.

Shelia said...

"if the man falls for it, they deserve each other."

Deborah, you're absolutely right. If he reacts in any way, Pep need to kick him to the curb.

There are some friends you never take around your man but then again, you should because if he responds in a way that's pleasant, you know he's not the one for you anyway.

Natasha said...

YES! I know this will sound crazy but I instantly fall for a man who has come from something. A man who has been in the streets because he sold drugs, was in a gang, hustled in other ways. I look deep in the person for who there are not what they have done! Usually men who go to the streets come from homes that mom and dad where not there and they had to raise themselves. They had negative images around them growing up in the hood, so they did what they saw. But what I LOVE is how they turn there lives around and become better men! Yes, thats the type of man I want to marry. Even if he does not go to jail, a man who comes from a broken home and chooses a healthy life already has a first date with me!

I love men who have warrior spirits, who did not get eveything there whole lives, they worked hard and that build character! I come from a broken home so I feel right at home with a man who had the courage to turn his life around! I know so many others who don't!!!

Shelia said...

Natasha, nothing wrong with that.People do get reformed. Some situations aren't just cut and dry. That's why probing questions should be asked.

Natasha said...

I agree Shelia, it's important to ask questions. Also if people are in tune with their inner spirit GOD sends us messages about people all the time. As for me I let my spirit guide me and I think that's what will help me from being judemental.

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